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Jabcinda's Going Away Song, Kiwi Style.

Jabcinda Pure Evil Ardern Steps Down

It Was All Just A Medical Coincidence

Another Day, Another Fake Variant & What Is Chat GPT


The Sheeple Or The Lion

They Sold You Out Great People Of Ireland & Proud Of It

Turbo Cancer, Ectolife Baby Farm & The Catastrophic Contagion 2025

Compliance Through Slavery Of The Mind

Save The Planet, Eat The Babies Says The Mentally Deranged Climate Cultist

Funeral Director, Australia's Dystopia & The Neurological Damage Plan

You Will Eat Zeeeee Bugs & Pay Tax on Your Burps & Farts

Johnny's Cash And The Smart Money Nightmare

You Have Been Upgraded....For Your Safety Of Course.

Collective Mass Psychosis In Homage To The Oppressor.....Stockholm Syndrome Did I Hear

When The People Find Out

Gov.UK Operational Ration Packs 2023 - 2030 & The Human Wi-Fi

From Farm Animal To Pharm Animal

All Fraud, Still No Virus & The Pushback Is Here

Blackrocks AI Aladdin

A Thousand Times More Corrupt

Irelands Banks Going Cashless - Hellooo Social Credit Score System

The Club Of Rome - Dennis Meadows Population Control

Funeral Director Shocking Postmortem Findings In The Fake Vaccinated

Ireland Admit 100% (Fake)Covid Hospitalisations Are The Vaxxed Only

Just Step Away From The System, You Have A Choice

The Dogs On The Street See Through The Lies, Whats Your Excuse

The Evidence Is Mounting

The Elephant In The Room Syndrome

Controlled Through Ignorance While Praising Evil

Blacked Eyed Babies & The Hoaxy Covid

Word Magic, Government Paying Hospitals To Keep You Sick & Who Wants To Be Sovereign

First Patient In The World To be Hospitalised With The Climate Change Hoax

New Years Resolution = Mass Non Compliance

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

A Compliant Population Building Their Own Digital Prison Through Ignorance

The Fake Pandemic Of Lies, Psychopaths & Mass Murder

Fear Is Still The Currency Of Control And Only You Get To Choose Slavery Or Freedom

Nothing To See Here

The Modern Child Sacrifice Of Body & Mind Through The Convid Era - Wake The Fuck Up People!

The Vatican, The Dangling Carrot Effect & The Uk Social Credit Pilot Scheme

When The World Was Resetting What Did You Do To Stop Globalization

Bar Coded & Chipped For Life

See The Evil, Hear The Evil, Destroy The Evil

Do Not Back Down Now, C'mon The Aussies

I Am The Master You are The Slave

The Dictation Of Fear From The Tiny Few, Wheres Your Self Respect People

It's For Your Own Good We Lie To You

The New Normal Is Your insane Compliance.... Well Done

Remember We Are Only Dealing With People

Big Pharma's Covid Sleepwalkers

You Are Just A Brief Experience, Stop Acquiescing To Your Own Enslavement

Can You See It Yet

The Synthetic Biological Human 2.0 Emerging & Apples Built In Social Credit Score System

What Do You Mean You Don't Have The 12th Booster Shot, Cant You See This Is Working, Hellooo

The Covid Fraudemic & The Hidden Death Count

The Whole World Is A Stage And You Are The Puppet

Heyyy Youuu Guyss The Government Said It was Safe & Effective So It Must Be

The Great Baaa-cine Reset Of The Human Population

The Final Refutal Of Virology

113 Page Doc On Deaths & Injuries From The Experimental Weapon

The Experiment That Just Keeps On Taking

Ask The Experts Part II

Covid-19 - The Reality of An illusion

The Gates Of Hell - Banned Documentary

This Is Not a vaccine! - Explained By Experts In 6 Mins *MUST WATCH

Prof Dolores Cahill - Why The Mrna Vaccine Is So Deadly

Dr. Palevsky "This Vaccine Is A Murder Weapon"

Covid-19 Vaccine - What The Experts Are Saying To You!

The Covid-19 Genocide Of 2020 - Claire Edwards